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Post  Lacene on Fri Jan 02 2009, 23:01

Character Information - Race, Class chaos chosen
Darkelf, Sorceress R40RR37 Atm (Playing with speccs Calamity for now)

Playing Hours
Today im playing like 5-10h a day but thats only because when ur solo playing it isnt that much fun in the long run.
U can only play PuG SCs just that much until u really seek to be in a premade group where everyone knows what theyre doing.

Past Gaming Experience
Well i started out playing DaoC for like 2-3y in Fellowship of Midgaard (FoM) Excalibur Server, any leading appointments none in FoM only that we had Ardamel (RM) cooking upp a plan that included Nolby Pride roaming with 2fgs and me leading the Stealthers outside Albion realm gate when we early one saturday morning tried to get the str relic. This was Pre ToA imo never should have been at all. Btw Shadowblade Cerberan Ceraklath was the name, in game credibility well almost all in TDA (WaR) KEP server know this espacially Urme. After that ive played a long range of FPSes and such other MMORPG experiences are Rappelz on Tortus Server 1y app, and some other F2P for life games. If u want to know any more about that pm me in game.
Tried the 1st 2 weeks when wow went gold got a Hunter to lvl 46 in a guild called Fly on Death(something) server kinda lame game imo thats why i dont remember.

Past Guilds and if you have held any place of power in a Guild
Sry about that but ive seem to bunch those two together.

How you will help Unleashed, both outside and inside guild.
Well in any way i can ? Kidding... well since all these games focus on Teamplay I reckon I will continue what I am Doing meaning, dont need if I dont have to etc.. keep the guilds name in high regards and never do anything that makes the guild look bad. And by the helping part I will be there in game and out as a friend and loyal part of the realm. Trying to help out in what way I can maybe gather materials for the crafters when im not upping my own skills and take part in Dungeons and such and keep an eye out for future members and such.

Reasons for joining Unleashed
Well because ur active in Dungeons and are all about the realm experience as Ive seen it. All unleashed player ive seen so far are nice and dont start arguments about nothing. You excell in Scenarios and its a rush belonging to something that many others dont. Hardcore is such a easy thing to come by today but to belong to a hardcore guild thats something else.

How long you plan on playing WAR
Well??? how should one answer that Smile until its graphics looks in comparising What DaoC looks like today or sumthing ... dunno never plan to stop.

Access to Ventrilo and a mic?
Yupp used em in TDA be4

A Personal Statement!
Hey everyone im Mathias and im from Sweden, 31 y old and played MMOs since DaoC came so its been a while. Today im in a guild called WhiteScars on KEP and thats just because its an IRL (buddy) guild but where not very active in PvE dungeons or ORvR since its getting very lonely beeing the only one in the guild doing that, im looking for a new experience. And u guys seem to be the thing ive looked for. Not woking at the moment so im avalible if the need should arise. If ur wondering anything im ol almost all the time Scing or just Training T4. Hopefully u find me (my application) interesting enough to let me try but if u dont no hard feelings =)

Yes i have the Pre CE Edt and No i wont be from the BETA Razz

AMD Phenom 9600 QuadCore 2.64Ghz
4gb 1033 RAM
XFX Geforce 8800 GTS
100 MB Tele2 Fiber Connection.

Contact me in Game (Lacene) or on MSN


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