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Post  Bankai on Sat Sep 13 2008, 11:23

1. Character Information -

Will be creating a Black Orc. Name will be: Bankai

2. Playing Hours -

Will be able to put 25-30+ hours a week into WAR

3. Past Gaming Experience -

Played Dark Age of Camelot for 3 years. Other MMO's include: WoW, LoTRO, EVE Online, CoH + CoV.

4. Past Guilds and if you have held any place of power in a Guild (any proof of this will greatly help)

Was in Terra Dominus on DAoC. Didn't hold any power.

5. How you will help Unleashed, both outside and inside guild. I.e. Website help, helping players outside Unleashed etc.

I will try to help in any way I can. Most likely to help players, lvl, farm money or just be there for someone to chat to.

6. Reasons for joining Unleashed

I will be taking this game seriously as i have waited a long time for the release. I was looking for a Guild who are serious yet fun. I get that impression for you guys.

7. How long you plan on playing WAR

ATill it dies. If it doesnt die, then I wont be leaving.

8. Access to Ventrilo and a mic?

yes and yes. i can also download TeamSpeak if need be.

9. A personal statement - tell us about yourself (Note that this is a very important part of your application)

My name is Phil, I am 19 years old (20 in November). Been playing MMO's since i was 14. I'm from England, very helpful and careing person, willing to help out anyone who needs me. Good leadership as well as group forming skills. Dedicated to the game. I can take orders and im my own opinion a skilled MMO player.

10. Have you pre-ordered the WAR CE and will you be playing in the Headstart with us?

Yes and if my copy arrives on time then yes again.

11. Computer specs and Internet connection

AMD Turion 64 X2 Dual Core
2x 7600 GeForce Graphics
210GB Hard Drive

8Mbit ADSL

12. How to get in contact with you, preferably MSN

msn :


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Post  Firefly on Sun Sep 14 2008, 01:43

your hours are to low my friend.. i will have to turn you down Sad

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