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Post  Devitaki on Sat Sep 13 2008, 14:29

Character Information - Race, Class
Race - Chaos... Human? lol
Class - Magus or Zealot (you seem to need more magi, so i'll apply as one of them)

Playing Hours - The amount of hours per week you spend on (any game) and will this change for WAR?
Currently, due to work, i get 9(if i wake up at 9)-5 free 3 days a week, then mostly on the other 2, weekends are harder with family and all, but i can make it if i need to... and then midnight-sleep... lol

roughly i'd say i've got 35odd hours a week to play games, most of which would now be dedicated to WAR.

Past Gaming Experience (Please note that we may ask questions about said game to check credibility)
EQ2 - played a high elf that went evil with a mate, tank+healer combo, didnt group much apart from that.
Guildwars - quite active pvp wise, but never got into the high end stuff... found the guilds a bit too ELITEist to let me in.
AoC - love the idea, love the graphics, shame failcom ruined it... got a necro to 80
tried a few betas in my time, played a few others briefly...

Past Guilds and if you have held any place of power in a Guild (any proof of this will greatly help)
Used to co-run all the GvG events in guildwars for a time, before getting annoyed at useless members and not strict enough leaders... (leaving halfway through etc). apart from that, always been the sort to be where i'm needed really (often found helping lower levels in AoC)

How you will help Unleashed, both outside and inside guild. I.e. Website help, helping players outside Unleashed etc.
Well, i'll play a class u guys need (open to pretty much anything, although magus/zealot is preferable to me...) always happy to help out lower ranked players (where possible, depending on open/core) and generally run about being useful

Reasons for joining Unleashed
Looking for a good guild, one thats not going to be tooooo restrictive (due to working evenings) that i can play with during the day, enjoy my time in the guild and generally get the most out of the game with, while helping out and being in a fun community...

How long you plan on playing WAR
Until it gets boring? lol... i guess I plan on sticking with it until i've had enough, or, i run out of money i guess....

Access to Ventrilo and a mic?
Yup and Yup

A personal statement - tell us about yourself (Note that this is a very important part of your application)
Important eh? right....
Well. I'm 21, i like MMOs... and i'm funny....
Seriously... I'm a pretty relaxed player, (read: doesnt get annoyed much. NOT: overly casual) i enjoy end game content, i enjoy pvp, for the challenge and the extra level of tactics needed... Raids are all well and good, but it's very samey... Been a fan of the tabletop game a while, although recently been less than impressed with GW and have moved over to playing privateerpress games... been looking forward to WAR for a long time, been playing the beta this last week, found healer (as usual) and ranged dps to be my style, although i can tank pretty well should i need to (chosen were kinda fun, none of this greatweapon rubbish tho). I generally try to get very involved in the community, and would often be found on Vent servers chatting away, or at least on the forums a lot trying to get to know the guild i'm in. Always happy to help out other players, re-visit PQs and dungeons, or just run around helping kill stuff in quests... Seriously looking forward to RvR combat.
But, anymore than that and you'll get bored, so anyhting else i guess is up to you lot to ask Very Happy

Have you pre-ordered the WAR CE and will you be playing in the Headstart with us?
No, and yes... (bought the CE pre-order codes, so i'll be there, with items and full headstart, but i dont technically have the CE) I was gonna get full CE, but at the time AoC was distracting me, and fooled me into think it'd be good.

Computer specs and Internet connection
err... i assume a rough idea is ok...
2.5Ghz (OCed to 2.75) quad core intel 4
4GB ram
2 3870 512 ATI cards in Crossfire
320GB HDD (with about 250GB free, it's a gaming pc)
Playing it through a 46" Sharp 1080p LCD tv...

How to get in contact with you, preferably MSN is msn/email... and if i'm in, i'm happy if u lot need mobile number or somthing for important events Razz

so i guess thats the end of your questions, hope to hear from u guys soon, I'll log into the Beta server ur on now, and give getting hold of an officer etc a go...

*edit* seeing as you lot have broken your server.. i wont be getting hold of you now i guess.. hope to hear from you soon tho


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Post  Devitaki on Sat Sep 13 2008, 16:16

Just wanted to add a bit on previous game experiance...

Guildwars- played a necro (theme much?) through the campaign, and mostly in PvP, also tried hand at ir spike build, a general air self sufficient build with the buffs that help regen myself... Also played a lot of Random Arenas as a touch necro, as i loved the self sufficient durability of it... and powerleveled a lot to make money as a 55hp monk.

AoC - as i said, 80 necro, nightfall build, so mostly nuking and the like.

hmm, i guess i just wanted to add a little in to why i think i'd be pretty good as a zealot or magus in the guild, nuking and ranged dps i'm used to. it's my usual role... As for Zealot, i enjoyed playing a monk in guildwars, and as mentioned i enjoyed playing a elf healer in EQ2..

oh.. and i played a lot of SWG... but that was as a pikeman and i mostly just soloed stuff and ocassionally hunted jed when i did a bit as a bounty hunter...

i like the idea of a defensive caster, and love the look of a class... as for Zealot, been playing that in open beta and quite enjoyed the insta-cast always moving type healer... suprisingly durable... But.. for experiance and comfort zone's sake, i'll want to play the ranged DPS, well magical dps i guess...

*edit* - ok, so i've been reading over some of the other applications... I suppose i just felt that i should add in, that even tho I may not have the most impressive list of credentials, I do feel i'd come across pretty well if given a "interview" or chance to chat to you guys... (and will try gettin onto WAR again to chat if the wife'll let me). As far as headstart goes, i plan on being signed up asap tomorrow, and then in game at about 11pm then from when i get up till about 6 on monday(no work) then from midnight till when i drop off to sleep...

although this might be me trying, i can see me being annoying with the wall of text... strange i actually getting quite into the idea of being in this guild, if nothing else the website kicks ass, and i'm pretty fond of the attitude u all have too... On the website side of things tho... the writing for the forum tabs at the top could be clearer Razz

*edit* Fully Signed up for the full Headstart and got my items registered... looking forward to seeing you all in game


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Application Empty hi

Post  Fleshtuh on Sat Sep 27 2008, 14:15

closing thread If still interested contact me ingame. my name is fleshtuh

close thread


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