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Post  ksz on Fri Sep 05 2008, 12:53

This is a brief application:

Real life information:

1.Name: Achilles
2.Age: 23
3.Sex: Male
4.Location: Thessaloniki-Greece

In-game information:

There are 2 classes actually love and ill explain why i chose those 2

1. Race: Chaos Class:Magus
2.Race: Greenskin Class :Shaman

I can play both at an end game hardcore raiding level. Since i saw that ur in need of magus and i have the best experience playing a shaman.

Previous mmorpg experience:

2.Wow played more than 3.5 years with deep knowledge of every single class in game pre tbc experience to shapirron and tbc experience to muru with a draenei female ravencrest eu server

What should unleashed wait from you?

1.A mature player
2.Deep knowledge of mmorpg games
3.An experienced player used to play under presure
4.A hardcore raider and excellent pvp and pver.
5.Always willing to respecc if asked and always willing to help guild mates if needed.
6.A person that wants to be the best with the best
7.A person that wants to be a protagonist and leave his mark in warhammer community
8.An english speaking player , a social person

What do u expect from unleashed?

1.Mature teamates
2.HARDCORE raiders
3.People that are always prepare to raid and follow guild events
4.People that are always on time
5.Many organized events
6.An end game raiding guild that wants to leave Its footprint in game
7.People that are willing to see and exlore every single part of the game

Extra information:

1.Ventrilo : on (every single version)
2.English speaking player
3. Social person


As i told u guys before in a bit confused cause i actually like both of these classes:
in one hand a magus is pure dmg and the best there is a female version
on the other hand a goblin shaman is a class that i have the best knowledge in end game raiding in Wow and the best part its short ugly and with big nose:P

I can play both character since i have deep knaowledge of these 2 classes .
so i am willing to play the class im asked to, since i love them both equally.

Thanx for your time reading this application.hope to see you guys in game.
waitting for your answer.


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Post  ksz on Fri Sep 05 2008, 13:20

P.s Average playtime 8-10 hours /day
Thanx again


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Re: Application:

Post  Firefly on Thu Sep 11 2008, 23:48

are you still active my friend?


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Re: Application:

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