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Unleashed opens it doors!

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Unleashed opens it doors! Empty Unleashed opens it doors!

Post  Sey Mon Mar 10 2008, 04:02

Unleashed opens it doors! Unleashed

The day has come! We, unleashed, have let open ours doors and started the flood. Unleashed is a Hardcore guild with huge amounts of teamwork and skill. Here in unleashed we wish to make a Family-sort guild where all our members know each other and have a fun time (after all, its a game). But when its crunch time, we show a harder side. Here in Unleashed, we wish to give the Order a run for there money as well as help our fellow guilds. Have you got what it takes to Be in unleashed? Have you the spirit to keep going? What are you waiting for, sharpen your blades, cast your magic and join us! Unleashed is here.

Unleashed, is a Pure Warhammer online guild. We play no other games and are fully committed to warhammer online. Because of this, we have made a guild just for this game so that we can get the full and clear line of sight for what must be done. By getting new members we will see others play style and open our guild to a new level. Unleashed was made by 3 ex guild masters of other guilds ranging from EQ to FF to WoW who all have made guild of there own and got to the top with them. We pick our members carefully and make sure who we pick will show this level of commitment that we need to make unleashed a powerful guild
Why Pick Unleashed?

Teamwork, commitment, hardcore, skilled, and experienced. Unleashed has a wealth of understanding for MMO's and this is made by use taking in players from other MMO's who have showen there skill and commitment. Unleashed look at the applications for a long time, and go past all our officers, as well as ventrilo interviews, application proof ranging from screenshots to random game questions. We want the best of the best. Hardcore players who want a real challenge. Players who wish to join a guild without petty fights over drops or who is best. We are a Team and are as strong as our weakest player. We are not a solo guild, and the guild isnt made from just one player, but us all. For these reasons, we offer unleashed to the small amount of people that wish to join our ranks and be part of something great.

Unleahed can also offer alot to players bar the fact of a guild that understands both players and play styles. We offer a chance to join a guild who looks out for others, free of racism, sexism or anything that makes a player an outsider. Players of all ages, races and genders are free to join. There is no reason why a girl cant play games, infact i know alot of girls who could beat me in a game. Age is also no reason for people not being able to join a guild. I made my first guild when i was 10 and lead over 150 in EQ to one of the best guilds they had been in. Unleashed do not just stand by and let others fight alone, we will stand up for you, help and keep you on your feet. Warhammer online isnt a solo game, but a game that needs teamwork in and out the guild to make a victory happen.
Want to know more? feel like joining?

If you feel up to the challenge of joining our ranks, then apply now! We dont take everyone. We will Email you back to say if you got in or not, we will not leave you waiting for to long. Please understand tho that we have alot of applications to go through. If you wish your application to be taken up by a certion officer, then please state that and we will make sure that that officer will contact you asap. If you dont mind which one of us see your application first then dont state a name. If you do an Email back stating you have made it through the application stage, then please stay active.

-Written by Firefly

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