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Post  Zophie on Sat Oct 04 2008, 00:37

Character Information - Race, class, name and current level. dark elf witch elf Zophie atm 17 (just got the game been away since release)

Playing Hours - The amount of hours per week you spend on (any game) and will this change for WAR? my hours are when i wake and untill i i fall aslepp on keybord Razz i maybe will work 2 days a week Smile

Past Gaming Experience (Please note that we may ask questions about said game to check credibility, and also add details about your experience in PvP/RvR and PvE) vanguard,lotro,ddo, ffXI. in vanguard i was groupleader in lotro i was raid leader in ddo i was just the guy that killed all that was needed to kill. ffXI i play for fun because of ffVI Razz

Past Guilds and if you have held any place of power in a Guild (any proof of this will greatly help) well in lotro u can ask my old kinnies how much i played (but then u have to talk to me ingame and i give u some adress Smile

How you will help Unleashed, both outside and inside guild. I.e. Website help, helping players outside Unleashed etc. i have alot of video program and doing alooot of videos of all diff game i play so if u need a guy doing stuff like that i am the one Smile this is like 1 video (a raid made for 12 we are 6 Smile)

Reasons for joining Unleashed. well ofc because u are hardcore and i want to do all that u can do in a game Smile and i very god guy so i pass on loot alot Razz

How do you feel about WAR and how long you plan on playing it? like in my firts post just got started the game Smile if i had satrt from start i would be high lvl atm Razz

Access to Ventrilo and a mic? yes both and ts if needed

A personal statement - tell us about yourself (Note that this is a very important part of your application)
Swedish guy 28 years have a job where i job like 2 times a week and my job is uber Razz most people that played whit me call me humper because of i like hump people in diff way u can do ingame Smile im very dedicated player and if u call me like 6 in morning and need a dude im in Smile and most of all i LOVE beer. in game im very focus on what i need to do and i also often learn the most of all classes so i know what they do and need. like healers i alwasy lvl a healer %50 so i understand how they hav eit.

Computer specs and Internet connection 2.41 GHz 2 gig ram amd athlon 64 x2 dual. connection 10/10 mbit Smile


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Post  Fleshtuh on Sat Oct 04 2008, 12:56

sorry but we only looking for players at moment level 30+.
I have to denie you sorry.


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