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Post  Oblivion on Thu Sep 25 2008, 18:51

1. Character Information - Race, class, name and current level.
Chaos Magus, My name's Oblivion and i'm currently level 25 RR18

2. Playing Hours - The amount of hours per week you spend on (any game) and will this change for WAR?
I normally play from 4-4:30pm until 11pm-12am. I'll normally spend more on weekends, around 12-14 hours per weekend. (I don't play any other games.

3. Past Gaming Experience (Please note that we may ask questions about said game to check credibility, and also add details about your experience in PvP/RvR and PvE)
My experience in past MMOs isn't too great, but i'll try to impress you guys anyways(haha). The games i've played which are RPGs, MMO or not are Runescape,(yes.. i know Neutral) World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy, completed 4-10. (A PvE game i suppose, haha).
Runescape: This was my very first MMO, i had no concept of what an MMORPG was or what was required to make it great, but all my friends played it so i ended up playing it too. I started with making a combat level 74 main or so(can't remember, this is going about 4-5 years back). After this i ended up making a pure whose stats were decent for the amount of played time i had on it, i still have this account and it's name is Imps_Pk3r. Now, a pure was kind of like a twink in world of warcraft, the main concept of it was; high damage with a low combat level, which i achieved to a certain extent with 87 strength and 74 attack at the moment with 50 defence as i was inevitably hacked (when i was 11 years old i searched for hacks for MMOs because i was pretty poor within the game so i ended up getting viruses etc.)
World Of Warcraft: My experience in World of Warcraft wasn't too great to an extent that i didn't have a level 70 character of my own, I got to 60(Paladin) Pre-BC, quit and then rejoined in TBC.. Since i'd only had the experience of a 10 man raid to UBRS there wasn't much of an option to do much at the time as nobody raided UBRS anymore, I never had a guild for MC and with the burning crusade came out I had bad knowledge of where to level, since i'd quit the game already aswell as when i seen the level experience required for 60-61 after 59-60 I was disappointed and really couldn't be bothered as I was 13 at the time. I had no motivation or determination to level. So with the help of another friend i ended up making a twink on a different server (Draenor, name is Twerg) which was a level 19 hunter twink which currently has around 13-14k lifetime kills. I really enjoyed playing a twink as it was great to have pre-mades(I'll talk about my guild later), it was very exciting to see who i bumped into as i was good friends with the people of Syndicate Twinks which was an alliance guild on the Sunstrider server. I'd usually spend around 5-6 hours a day on battlegrounds with my twink and end up winning 90%+ of the battlegrounds I had this is mainly because the battlegroup lacked activity with premades, and we normally had a 5-10 man premade running for most of the time I was online. If any screenshots of my twink are required i'd be happy to give you some if i still have them on this computer.
Final Fantasy IV-X: So i played these during the ages of 9-14, and I'll probably never play any past this point due to the combat system getting too complicated with all the stats which confuse me and the summoning system was getting graphically enhanced but the storylines seemed to get weak. My favourite final fantasy has to be 8 though, I don't know if anybody actually likes this due to most people liking Final Fantasy 7 as their favourite game, but I prefer 8...

I've probably got more gaming experience to show but i've just finished school and my brain's muddled.

4. Past Guilds and if you have held any place of power in a Guild (any proof of this will greatly help)
My starting guild/clan experience was 'The Pures' of Runescape, which required organization within game when a war occured between clans (around 40vs40). Although the clans were normally lead by somebody who could not pay for a vent, so we had to spam names in-game of who to attack and so on. The clan is old so i'm not sure if i've got any screenshot proof of me actually in this clan as Runescape is pretty weak with clan systems at the moment and at the time clans weren't even considered.
We'll move onto World of Warcraft, now this wasn't my greatest time with clans/guilds and such. I was in a friend's guild on the Quel'Thalas server on my paladin, which i can't even remember the name of. We'd normally do LBRS/UBRS and so on, it was all for fun and laughs really nothing much to say about this. But my twinks guild experience in World of Warcraft was very much different, I pvped alot due to being a twink and the guild I was in named 'Emerald Twinks' had some great members which I loved to do some BGs and even some openworld pvp in Westfall(Duel somebody, turn pvp on and forfeit.. was fun Very Happy). We'd normally try and setup premades betweeen the Syndicate Twinks but either we didn't have enough members online or they didn't so we ended up just doing 5-10 man premades whenever we could. This was quite a fun experience, and i've also got an arena-pvp video of my twink, although i'm embarrassed about it so i'll only post this if needed. After a while on my twink though I quitted world of warcraft and moved on, but some guild members still play today and my hunter can be seen on the armoury. I've not really got any other guild/clan experiences due to my lack of MMOs, even though i've been playing WoW/Runescape on and off for 4-5 years and had a great time in both.
My guild experience in Eclipse was very limited due to the guild not being as active as I wanted it to be, only me and one other player (Sincx) were able to do stuff together due to the rest of the guild not being online. But Awe currently disbanded Eclipse due to some problems and I've been wanting to join Unleashed if anything should have happened to Eclipse(unfortunately it did), as I speak to a few members in-game.

5. How you will help Unleashed, both outside and inside guild. I.e. Website help, helping players outside Unleashed etc.
Well, i'm always up for Public Quests, scenarios, questing and even AoE grinding (healers though please Very Happy) as it's a fun way to get to know guild members, but i'm not really greatly skilled with anything other than socialising on vent Rolling Eyes . I'm always friendly and up for discussion of how overpowered bright wizards are, and how pugs in warhammer kind of suck when every healer is trying to DPS, and won't even attempt healing. I'm always up for helping people with maths work(A in maths, although people's equations will probably be greater than of my own knowledge due to my age).

6. Reasons for joining Unleashed
Well, ever since i've quit WoW and all of the other crappy free MMOs i've played for the first 10 levels, I was looking for a guild; and guess what I had found one named Eclipse but that kind of went pear shaped, due to reasons explained earlier. Although I've talked to a few Unleashed members in game since headstart, and I used to be on IRC alot but my IRC crashes alot so i've never really got on much. When i first heard of Unleashed though back in April/May, i knew they were going to make it big and look at you guys now; the best guild in the server(most likely). I mean, who wouldn't want to join you guys, you're an inspiration to many guilds due to your determination to be the best guild, with the best members. You guys have already established yourself as a force to be reckoned with due to your first guild-claimed keep, with only people from the guild.

7. How do you feel about WAR and how long you plan on playing it?
I've been psyched about WAR since late March, early April, and since i was in the Guild/Closed beta, i've been wanting to play on the game for ages, when it finally came I was so excited, and am so every day. I plan on playing WAR for a long time, and even moreso I've only just started, I'd only quit if the game died, or the gameplay in some way got boring which i doubt will happen.

8. Access to Ventrilo and a mic?
I have access to both.

9. A personal statement - tell us about yourself (Note that this is a very important part of your application)
Well, hello there! My name is John and i'm 15 years old but please, don't base my maturity around my age. I'm currently in the last year of comprehensive school, mainly focussed on Maths, English literature, Geography and IT subjects at the moment, I'm predicted an A/B in most subjects and i'm wanting to go to a sixth form college after school, where i hope to study Maths, business studies and ecnomoics, not sure what the fourth subject will be to study, but i've got a year or so to think about that. I've many hobbies, mainly playing warhammer and watching football at the moment, i'm from the North East of England and I support Liverpool (Mascherano ftw). I'm very laid back in most situations and i'm mixed race in real life (a quarter jamaican), I absolutely hate racism and do not tolerate it at any standard. I'm also a guy into films and can watch anything from chick flicks to horrors. I'm single atm meaning I can get all the free time i have (most of the time) to spend playing Warhammer Very Happy

10. Computer specs and Internet connection
Processor: E7200 @ 2.53GHZ
Ram: 3GB (32 bit sucks, I really couldn't be bothered paying extra however little it was for an extra 200mb of ram or so?)
Graphics Card: 8600GT(Getting an 8800 within a week or two.)
Internet Connection: I think it's 2MB broadband, not too sure.

I hope you've enjoyed reading my application, and hopefully i'll make it to the next stage.


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Post  Fleshtuh on Fri Sep 26 2008, 22:21

I will contact u ingame this weekend


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