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Post  neryan on Tue Sep 16 2008, 05:27

Character name: neryan
Race: Dark Elf - Witch Elf

Well at the moment with the leveling rush I'm playing as much as I possibly can but I'd dare say 8-14 hours on the days that I'm free. When I've got school it might drop down to 6-8 or something like that. I'm currently not playing anything else than Warhammer - I was involved in Day of Defeat although I've put that on the side until further.

I have played a vast array of different games in different genres, although I suppose it is best to stick to the MMO's in this application. The only "Real" MMO I've played is World of Warcraft, (I don't count Tibia/Runescape as MMO). I played in Closed Beta which I got into about a month or two after the opening where I played a gnome mage to level 60 in a guild called Khadgar's Rage. At launch I rolled a Night Elf Priest which I got to 60 second after another guy. I've raided all instances pre-BC, although I've done a few instances in the expansion but I didn't much appreciate the game anymore so I stuck with Arena while waiting for Warhammer.

My characters were.
Hunter - 70
Shaman (A) - 70
Shaman (H) - 70
Druid (H) - 70
And two or three level 60's.
I played Arena with my two shaman and druid in and around 2.000-2100 rating on the battlegroup Conviction and later Stormscale before quitting the game for good in April 2008.
Basically stuck with the same guild all the way through and never really played seriously in any other guild, although during my time in WoW appeared in 1 or 2 other guilds - basically friend guilds.
You can probably search for my characters still, Mioh/Miohh is my Druid/Shaman on horde side, although I can't really back my rating claim due to me leaving the previous teams.

I believe myself to be a good guy who likes to joke around and not to be serious all the time, although I'm serious about my game. So I suppose I'll contribute as a as I like to think of it, a skilled and friendly player who is eager to improve his character to the fullest and help others in the process.

I wish to join because an old guildmate from back in the day (World of warcraft) called Fleshtuh is in your guild at the moment and another friend, Nugiyen (applicant) whom I've also played with a long time and in different games aswell. I've been told you guys have the right mindset to how a game should be played and strive there after, when I play games I always wish to be the best or at least be among the best - and that is the impression I have of you. I am a pvp player at heart but I do enjoy pve now and then, although I don't jump with joy over doing pve for 7-12 hours on a day. Not that informed of how it is in Warhammer, although I will of course attend - I'm not exactly hoping it will be as in WoW.

I plan on playing Warhammer as long as it is fun and has a purpose. I did the mistake of continuing playing WoW even though I had lost the interest in it, because there was nothing else to play and lacked discipline. Now how ever I've learned a lot from my past mistakes and believe to at least improved on my discipline and self control.
In short, I don't have a time frame for Warhammer - I will play it as long as it wants me to play it.

I have both Ventrilo and a microphone and not shy to speak.

My name is Stefan and I live in Sweden, currently studying a 1,5 year education which started in august. I don't know yet if I will continue with it, but thus far it has been OK and I've performed well too. On weekends I work at a pharmacy although It'll only be one weekend a month or something like that and days when regular personnel are sick - I'll jump in. I enjoy the usual things that people appreciate, Friends, parties, movies, music and what not. I play acoustic guitar now and then, although I'm not very good at it its a relief sitting down taking time relaxing a bit, even though playing guitar is very frustrating Wink. I also try and swim 2-3 times a week because I want to stay fit and not turn into a blob. I still live at home, although not in my mother's basement and I'm not 35 - I'm 22 since July this summer. After my education, assuming I'm finishing I'm hoping for an OK job to be able to move out and get my own place. I suppose that will do for now.

I pre-ordered CE and started playing Sunday as soon as the servers opened. I was planning on staying up all night and level like crazy, unfortunetly I crashed once and was disconnected once so I had to spend a total of four hours in queue and then early in the morning I got too tired and almost fell off my chair so I went to bed for 6 hours sleep. So I didn't get as far as I had hoped and anticipated.

AMD Phenom™ 9850 Quad-Core Processor (2048KB L2 Cache, CPU 1) @ 2507MHz (200MHz FSB)
4 GB Corsair memory
NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX (Processor: GeForce 9800 GTX), 512MB
Broadband "up to 24mbit" although I suppose I land at between 14-18mbit/1mbit

You can contact me through MSN - or irc(Qnet) under the nickname, neryan.

Thank you for reading,
Cu ingame.


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Post  neryan on Tue Sep 16 2008, 05:33

Additionally - As of now level 16 04:32 AM, 50% left to 17.


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