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Application - Stop it

Post  Stop it on Wed Sep 10 2008, 03:26

1: Character Information: I currently am playing as a Chosen or Karak-Hirn. I started yesterday and am currently up to level 5 after a mixture of straight PVE questing and PQs (Char name: Stopit)

2:I work 8:50 to 17:00 most weeks (One in 4 9:30 til 18:00) but will be able to commit around 2 hours per night week nights minimum and 8hours+ each weekend. I am a avid gamer and have been playing for hours a day since I was around 5.

3: Aside from a 12 month stint in WoW and limited experience with Vanguard and SWG I have little MMO experience. most of my online gaming career was spent playing CS (Pre 1.6 to Source) for various UK clans. As for offline games I have a 360, PS3 and overall own hundreds of games for all platforms.

4: When I played WoW I played in the EU server Frostwhisper and was in a semi-major guild before it dissolved, the name actually escapes me for the time being, scarily enough, I was just a footsoldier though, the elite of the guild were vets from the start of WoW basically.

5: Well, aside from being a hopeless optimist, able to bring light to any situation, I am an IT nut, especially in the field of computer repair and maintenance, I also have a long history of participating in community forums and I am always willing to lend a hand unreservedly, in game and out.

6: Your site came up on a google search! Very Happy In all seriousness though, you guys have a great site (A good sign of a decent community), and seem to be a decent bunch going by the forums.

7: A very, very long time, due to various reasons I haven't had the chance to be able to play a MMO from pre-release onwards and learn the game and become proficient with the elite and before the masses. WAR is different, I have the chance to become a great Tank in good time so that I can aid a guild get going at retail, rather than trying to join in when it is too late (Like I did with WoW).

8: Yes and yes, you'll have a hard time shutting me up! Smile

9: Hi there potential employers! Smile My name is Lee and I am a 24 year old gaming addict from the small town of Swindon in the United Kingdom. I am a social, easy going yet focussed person who enjoys Football, Cricket, gaming, and cats. I love fantasy games and lore and have been a player of Warhammer fantasy at Games Workshops across the country for over a decade, Musically, I enjoy Metal (My favourite bands being Cradle of Filth and Nightwish) and classic Rock, I also enjoy debate on most topics, from politics, to science, religion and anything that sparks a conversation really.

10: I have a pre-order at GAME UK for a WAR Standard edition and a 3 day headstart, one day after the CE players.

11: Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 @ 3Ghz
2GB 667Mhz DDR2 Ram
256MB XFX 8800GT
Virgin Media (ntl) 10Mb cable connection, as stable as an ntl connection can be Razz

12: Msn:
E-mail: or
Xbox Live: StopItOmega

Thanks for your time all, I look forward to getting in contact with you guys Smile


Stop it

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Re: Application - Stop it

Post  Togosu on Wed Sep 10 2008, 13:30

I would say out of the experience listed, this is not enough, hopefully there is more to your app than meets the eye.


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Re: Application - Stop it

Post  Firefly on Wed Sep 10 2008, 20:34

you dont have the hours or past exp needed to join Unleashed my friend. But feel free to roll on the same server as us Smile



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Re: Application - Stop it

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