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Post  Donkemuf on Sat Sep 06 2008, 15:39

1. Character Information - Goblin Squig Herder

2. Playing Hours - I usually play about 10 hours when i get home from work, on weekends it's about 15-20 hours

3. Past Gaming Experience I started my MMO career in the Ultima online world and played that for about 3 years but i quit when World of Warcraft came. I played WoW since it came out until now because i've gotten tired of it. I got a level 70 almost full brutal hunter. Also got a veng geared retri pala.

4. Pre TBC i was in a guild named Elysium on the server Defias Brotherhood. We progressed all the way to naxx, but didn't clear everything. When TBC came i powerleveled up my hunter to 70 and started my own pvp guild named KluC(cool name). We did many premades and some good arena teams at 2000 rating+. But some months later i gave away my guildleader position to another member that later disbanded the guild.

5. I've gotten a work as a web-designer once so i might can help you with that a bit. Ingame i can help you with nerding:O:O. Grind mats and gold for the guild and ofcourse helping the guilds progress. I'm a social person(ingame:lol:)

6. Well, i've looked at some WAR movies and i've gotten tired of wow so i thought that i needed to join a good guild, i saw you at the war-europe website and thought you seemed friendly and hardcore.

7. Don't know really but I promise you it will be for a loong time.

8. Yes I have acces to Vent and mic.

9. My name is Hans Schnabel, and I live in Berlin, Germany. Im 27 years old and I live in an apartment with my dog Muffie, Things that i love: Pizza, My Mom, Eminem, Manga. I work as a transporter, dont really know whats it called in english. Im driving a truck filled with stuffs from IKEA.

Notice, my English isnt very good:)

10. Yes Smile

11. 4gb ram, 512 geforce 9200 gt, intel core duo 2,8

internet speed: 24mb/s

12. hansschnabel@hotmail.com


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Post  Firefly on Sun Sep 07 2008, 16:00

we will get back to you asap

Please log into OB and talk if we dont get back to you before the end of today Smile

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