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Post  Tei on Tue Sep 02 2008, 16:54

1. Character Information - Race, Class
Chaos Zealot as I have played these from 1-29 and 31-34 in closed beta and believe I can play them very well (healing).

2. Playing Hours - The amount of hours per week you spend on (any game) and will this change for WAR?
Atm, anytime Iím not sleeping Iím gaming. This may be changing but I will still be playing 12 hours minimum and for the entire weekend.

3. Past Gaming Experience (Please note that we may ask questions about said game to check credibility)
My gaming started when I got a Starcraft demo, played that for a few months, even played mods on it (only demo Iíve eve known to have mods designed for it). Got the retail game and have been playing it ever since, on and off.
Played numerous other RTS games up to present day of BFME2, C&C Tiberian Wars etc (playing casually on LAN with friends)

Played many shooter games starting with Unreal Tournament and latest one was CoD4, again playing casually as I sux (compared to Pros at least) Razz
First MMO I played was WoW, didnít really know anything about this game at all before I purchased, but because I had recently bought a 5700LE and thought it was imba and it matched WoWís Minimum spec and thought it could test my new card out.

Created a Human Priest on Azsune.
Levelled pretty quick even though I knew nothing about the game, stumbled across some players with pretty much carried me through 5mans and invited me into their guild ďAnythingĒ (Looking back I was n00b, but healed very well).
I started to learn about the game properly and was the top guild on the server at the time through MC. PvPing all the time we werenít raiding and gained rank 12 whilst helping some other guildies reaching rank 14.

I quit the guild Ė and WoW too - after catching some of the officers rigging DKP which I had suspected for some while.
Rolled Nordrassil with some ex-guildies and created an Undead Mage, Tei.
Quickly joined Death Guards at level 1, power levelled to 60 and after a while we merged with a much smaller guild to form Tainted. We gained some server firsts on outdoor and MC (canít remember which bosses).

I met Roberto (Fleshtuh) in Death Guards and we grouped up a lot doing 5mans etc and he taught me to learn the game mechanics etc (I wasnít Pro at the time) and I quickly mastered the game and became a very good player at WoW, always continuing to widen my knowledge.
After the guild (and server) was facing diminishing numbers and activity, we (several players) decided to reroll on the new servers that were being launched for the AQ patch.

We joined a Pre-made guild Ė WindWalkers (Snowflake was GM at the time) Ė and played on Vekínilash.
Played very hardcore and quickly cleared MC (3 or 4 weeks from server release), Cleared BWL in a couple of months and did some of Naxx. I then quit gaming due to RL commitments (GF+Studying) for 18months or so.

Returned to Nordrassil and joined Horde Empire (after a couple of progress Guilds /sob) and Cleared BT, MH and killed Kalecgos in SWP.
I then quit the guild after they went on a 1month break which gave me time to try WAR, some of the other better players left the guild too at that point as they felt the guild had turned really casual.
Armoury Link

4. Past Guilds and if you have held any place of power in a Guild (any proof of this will greatly help)
I was a Mage Class officer in Tainted, which I did enjoy. Even though none of the other officers did, I made the mage CO position democratic where I held an anonymous vote once a month for who the other mages felt would be the best CO. I also tried to be extremely fair with rotation of players in raids.
Fleshtuh can verify this or I can put you in touch with some other people if you do not wish to take his word for it.
(Guild setup was GM Ė Class officers Ė Members)

5. How you will help Unleashed, both outside and inside guild. I.e. Website help, helping players outside Unleashed etc.
I have very limited website experience so may or may not be able to help with that.
I know as a member, I would be looked upon by people outside of the guild to be a representative of how we interact with the community, and so would act mature and help with peopleís queries as quickly and politely as possible.
I will also be reading up on the game very detailed to try and find legal ways to give us the edge in game which may help us to turn the tide of battle.

6. Reasons for joining Unleashed
I wish to join unleashed as you look like an extremely organised guild with hardcore players with clear view of where you are heading and how you wish to get there.
I feel with my experience and dedication I can become a valuable asset to the guild and help you to achieve your goals and then some.

7. How long you plan on playing WAR
I plan on playing WAR until the game falls apart as I feel WoW has (so 3 years maybe? Very Happy )
This may change as my circumstances change as Iím currently unemployed but I will still be playing whenever Iím not working, and will try and fit my job around my gaming and not the other way around Razz

8. Access to Ventrilo and a mic?
Of course

9. A personal statement - tell us about yourself (Note that this is a very important part of your application)
My name is Daniel and Iím from Wolverhampton in England. Iím 20 years old and as previously stated, currently unemployed. I believe I am a very hardcore player that will do everything possible in game to achieve my goals and push the guild forward.
I love being number one as I feel it is extremely rewarding after putting in a huge amount of effort to get there and to keep in that position. I do not feel I am big headed however.
I am quite quiet on ventrilo for the first few days while I listen and try to judge peopleís personalities so that I donít speak out and say something to offend someone. After the quiet period is over I will be speaking out np, itís not because Iím shy Very Happy

10. Have you pre-ordered the WAR CE and will you be playing in the 'Open Beta' with us?
I HAVE pre ordered the CE, but am not planning on buying it anymore, I have ordered the SE from EA store and will be using SE head start because I really donít want to rely my gaming on HMV actually having a my copy.
I have an open beta key already, and should be getting another one too.

11. Computer specs and Internet connection
Gigabyte P35-DS3L Motherboard
Intel E6750 2.66GHz OCed to 3.2GHz
Gigabyte 8800GT 512MB
Vista Ultimate 64bit
2MB Cable Broadband (never experienced latency issues)

12. How to get in contact with you, preferably MSN
As this application will be publicly available, I do not wish to post my MSN here, I have no problem giving officers my MSN until Iím accepted and then post my MSN in a members-only section.

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