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Post  Tehthing on Mon Aug 25 2008, 23:04

# Character Information - Race, Class - I will be playing Black Orc - Greenskin

# Playing Hours - The amount of hours per week you spend on (any game) and will this change for WAR? - Games i've played in the mmorpg genre has been Lineage and World of Warcraft. Lineage was a few hours a day. WoW at least 8-10hours a day. Wont change when Warhammer comes. I play as much as the guild needs me to play.

# Past Gaming Experience (Please note that we may ask questions about said game to check credibility) - I've played Lineage for around 6months. Just from diffrent characters. World of Warcraft is the game i've played most and has most experience from. Was in the open beta and played until a few weeks ago without any distruptence. From season 1 to season 4 in Arena I was ranked top3 all seasons and I consider my self a really good pvp player. Both individual and teamplay wise.

# Past Guilds and if you have held any place of power in a Guild (any proof of this will greatly help) - Played in clan potestas on the Horde side on Burning Legion until they quit playing. I rerolled and went Alliance on the same server and played most of my time in one of the biggest and most skillfull guilds on the server. The name was FiRe OF DUNE. Guildleader there is Fibak & Kanrei.

# How you will help Unleashed, both outside and inside guild. I.e. Website help, helping players outside Unleashed etc. - Any way nessesary. I consider my self a hardcore player and will contribute with good skills, motivation and high teamplaying skills. Iam really good at getting people play at there maximum. Outside im a very funny guy and relaxed so hopefully a lot of laughs Very Happy

# Reasons for joining Unleashed - I've been looking into several guilds and stumble on Unleashed. Learned information from website, IRC channel and players who has meet you ingame and they have only positive things to say about you. Good skills, behaving well. Want to join cause I wanna take part of a serious and good guild and develop both my self and the guild.

# How long you plan on playing WAR - As long as you want. I did play World of Warcraft for 4 years and most likely I will play Warhammer at least as long as that.

# Access to Ventrilo and a mic? - Yes, no problem.

# A personal statement - tell us about yourself (Note that this is a very important part of your application) - Richard, age of 23. Living in Sweden. Studying/working parttime. Studying to become a guy who takes care of kids/youngsters with problems such as cp/autism and so on. Sparetime I work out at the gym and im also a fotboll coach. The rest of my sparetime I spend with my girlfriend and my friends.

# Have you pre-ordered the WAR CE and will you be playing in the 'Open Beta' with us? - I've pre-ordered SE collection so I might be with you in the OB. Depends if I manage to get an key.

# Computer specs and Internet connection - 100/10mb connection. AMD 4800+ 2gb memory. 8800 series in graphic card.

# How to get in contact with you, preferably MSN
- Im on IRC named birplund. I most of the time hang around in your channel. MSN -


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Post  Tehthing on Tue Aug 26 2008, 16:52

btw my email address is


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