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Nice Application. [Denied] Empty Nice Application. [Denied]

Post  Deemer - on Fri Aug 22 2008, 04:01

Hello I'd first like to start off by introducing myself and explaining a bit about myself so you get a rough outline of what I'm like. Okay well my name's Paul Deemer and I'm 16 year's of age who's currently in college studying ICT System's support and is enjoying it. I've been playing MMORPG's for quite a long time now I started off playing MMO's when I was around 12 year's old and that was World of Warcraft spent around 3 years on that also worked with private servers and coders. I then moved onto Age of Conan as soon as the Beta was released for it but I did also apply for Warhammer Online Beta but I never got it Sad althought I got a fileplanet subscriber and was able to play Age of Conan which caught my attention greatly as I liked the combat system but the game really let's me down in mostly every way possible as it just seem's to have problems that will not be fixed and are not being looked into.

I'm online more than 6 hours a day I can tell you can I'm on a PC far too much which isn't good for me but I enjoy it so that's all that counts. I cannot estimate how many hours I play per week but I'm an extremely active player and I'm a great listener, I will not let WAR change my lifestyle or how much I play the game as this would make me seem of a person who evolves around one object in his life. I'm always able to raid and that's fine but I wouldn't cancel a real-life event over the game and any mature person would say the same thing.

Past Guilds? I played Age of Conan and helped lead a guild I was more like of a second in command and was a role-play diplomat which involved me communicating with many guild's at the same time over Microphone i.e Ventrilo/Teamspeak. The website for this was

How can I help Unleashed? Well I'm friendly and If I have the time available I will always lend it out to other's and I always share my thought's and ideas with others and help the needed. I'm okay at graphic design and my knownledge of ICT is very good which is also a very useful asset amongst a guild when people have a issue I mostly know the cause as I've had a lot of experience with MMO's and working with private servers I knew how they functioned and was coded. Also I'd like to offer my friendship to all the guild and wish you safe travels.

I'd like to join Unleashed because you seem to be a nicely constructed guild and also I like how you put a lot of effort into the website, I'm looking for a potential Destruction Guild who will accept me as a Chaos Chosen as I've fallen in love with them. Also I'm a quite hardcore gamer and would also be great to find a community of people who are the same.

I'd like to play Warhammer online for aslong as it lasts... and keep following the game and it's expansions.

I have not pre-ordered the CE Edition everywhere has sold out and it's rather expensive for a game, Direct2Drive Download or something like that is selling SE Which allows you to enter open beta + head start etc so I will most likely purchase that nearer the date.

Computer Specs:

ATI 4850 Graphics Card
AMD 5800+ X2 DUAL Core Processor

24Meg UK Internet
1.4Meg Upload speed. (think)


You can contact me by the following e-mail address:

(that application took me 20minutes hehe)

Deemer -

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Nice Application. [Denied] Empty Re: Nice Application. [Denied]

Post  Deemer on Fri Aug 22 2008, 16:17

:\ hmmm the thread name changed... was called Deemer Application and put in description Nice Application... now it looks big headed hehe


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Nice Application. [Denied] Empty Re: Nice Application. [Denied]

Post  Transcendence on Tue Aug 26 2008, 20:26

Wanted to play a Chosen which Unleashed felt was not what he would do well in because of lack of tanking exp.

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Nice Application. [Denied] Empty Re: Nice Application. [Denied]

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