Dhar's application [denied]

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Dhar's application [denied] Empty Dhar's application [denied]

Post  Dhar on Sun Aug 03 2008, 01:57

Greetings Unleashed

I am aware that I have already sent 2 emails to apply@unleashed-war.co.uk but, it has been two weeks since the first and I have yet to receive a reply, so I'll try here. Yes, I did check my junk folder, multiple times a day. Thank you for your understanding.

Character Information:

Chaos: Preferably Chosen as I like being the tank, but I have done enough of that in WoW, so I am also happy to roll a Marauder. Chaos is my master.

Playing Hours:

I play games every day. On school days I play about 4-8 hours and when I don't have school I play up to twice as much every day. I've been known to level or farm instances or just grind for 16 hours a day, 7 days a week without a break (except for the 8 hours of sleep). Not always a good thing. Very Happy

Past Gaming Experience:
Only MMO I played seriously before is World of Warcraft. Iíve played it for roughly 2.5 years. I quit because it didn't require a lot of brains yet people still managed to do things wrong, mostly cause guilds were made and fell apart in less then a month all the time witch is the perfect environment for guild swappers and ninjas.

Past PvE and PvP experience:

I've done ZG, AQ20 and MC before TBC and Kz, TK, SSC, Gruuls Lair, Maggy all as tank and some as healer. I did PvP as warrior both tank (that was funny, half of the time most everyone was dead and I was left to finish it, I remember one match in particular where I in a team with a druid and lock and went up against 3 paladins, they killed both of my team members while keeping me stunned but in the end they all felt my wrath (outlasted their mana pool)) and dps spec (mostly pre TBC). I understand that my experience isn't anything special (far from it, it's quite poor) but I feel that through hard work and dedication I would be a valuable member of the team.

Past Guilds:

I wasn't in any well known guilds. As for places of power, I was warrior class leader a couple of times.

How you will help Unleashed:

I'm smart and I work hard, always trying to improve my techniques, so I welcome friendly criticism. I am also happy to help out other players with a quest, if they need a tank for an instance or to kill some world boss or just some advice, especialy about my own class, then I can go crazy and not stop talking for hours on end (witch isn't necessarily a good thing Wink ). I would also be active on the forums. All I want is for me and my guild to be the best they can be.

Reasons for joining Unleashed:

Well what really made me decide to apply is the 'trust' system, I too have seen a lot of guilds fall apart because of needless fights among players over loot and privileges, and it would just be great feeling like your guild is your second family and that you can count on them to watch your back in battle. A true team.

How long do you plan on playing WAR:

I plan to play WAR for a couple of years.

Access to VT and mic:


A personal statement:

Hi, my name is Veroljub Naumovic. I live in Novi Sad, Serbia. I'm 18 years old. I've been playing games like a mad man since I got my first PC some 10 years ago. I also enjoy working out at the gym and I've started kick boxing. Whatever I do I try to do it the best way I can and the ultimate joy for me comes from beating myself and games are a great way to do it. I also painted Warhammer (Chaos Mortal) miniatures before I started with WoW. I like to have fun while playing with people I feel comfortable with, witch I've known for some time and have learned to anticipate each otherís moves so it really hurts me when a guild falls apart.

Have you ordered WAR CE?:

Yes, I got my open beta key right here.

Computer specs and Internet connection:

Here's my file. As for my connection - at the moment it's 512kbps, but I'm not playing any MMO and will upgrade if needed for WAR.

How to get in contact with me:

dhar-ftw@hotmail.com thats my MSN and Skype account.


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Dhar's application [denied] Empty Dxdiag

Post  Dhar on Sun Aug 03 2008, 02:03

Ooops, forgot to add my dxdiag file so here it is.

Sorry for double post.


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Dhar's application [denied] Empty Omg

Post  Dhar on Sun Aug 03 2008, 02:12

I am either brain dead or the url link doesn't want to show, either way this is the address for my dxdiag download, so you have to copy and paste it into your browser. Real sorry about this, I feel like an idiot.


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Dhar's application [denied] Empty no comment

Post  Dhar on Sun Aug 03 2008, 02:25

Oh I'll just post it here, cause it seems I can't post url. Or just delete the entire topic and I'll make another, this one has become a mess.

OS: XP Professional
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core 4800+
Memory: 2048mb RAM
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8600GTS 256mb
Display: LG 1900R 19inch
HDD: 300gb

Additional equipment worthy of mention: Ideazon Zboard Merc(soon upgrading to Merc Stealth) and Ideazon Reaper EDGE gaming mouse.


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Dhar's application [denied] Empty Re: Dhar's application [denied]

Post  Firefly on Sun Aug 03 2008, 04:21

Our pop3 server it down atm. Some of the emails have gone. Sorry for this issue.

We will look over your app asap, but as we are busy in beta atm this may take some time.

Thank you for understanding


Dhar's application [denied] Addeb8

Dhar's application [denied] Unleasheddd6
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Guild Leader

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Dhar's application [denied] Empty No problem

Post  Dhar on Sun Aug 03 2008, 05:13

No problem, I waited 2 weeks already, don't see why I wouldn't wait some more. Once again I am sorry for the mess, didn't think guests can't make links, but it makes sense now, just haven't thought of it. Oh and have fun in beta-kick some order ass!


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Dhar's application [denied] Empty Re: Dhar's application [denied]

Post  Transcendence on Thu Aug 28 2008, 22:39

Denied because of lack of Exp. I asked him to join the same server as us once the game is out and once comfortable with his character, try show Unleashed that he is right for us.

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Dhar's application [denied] Empty Re: Dhar's application [denied]

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