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Post  Nazreg on Thu Jul 17 2008, 18:36

1. Character Information - Race, Class
Chaos Marauder for few reasons. A) My favorite healing classes seem to be marked with orange, and even tho I consider myself expert healer I haven't had chance to play on top guilds unfortunately (more on this later). B) I play Tzeentchian chaos army in Warhammer FB. C) I've been into melee dpsing before, I rolled paladin for WoW mainly to be retribution, but eventually it came down to sticking with Holy since only a few guilds let me to raid as Retri paladin.

2. Playing Hours - The amount of hours per week you spend on (any game) and will this change for WAR?
At the moment I've been playing various games 80-100 hours/week, but this is subject to change as soon as I get a job. However, I'm sure that Unleashed's rather late raiding times for Fintime (21:00-2:00) will be more than fine for me. In case I will be accepted to the guild I will not consider any working places which wouldn't allow me to raid 7 days a week.

3. Past Gaming Experience (Please note that we may ask questions about said game to check credibility)
America's Army; about 2500 hours played, mostly Bridge Crossing map. I was part of #1 Bridge Crossing clan (aaotracker toplist) until retiring due to patch 2.4 ruining the game for me. I think I can find my 1st Aaotracker account still somewhere since I lost it's passwords before giving onwards, but I'm highly unsure if there's a lot of documented material about this. However, tracking down my old clan mates will probably reveal some admiration towards nick Unholy.Lt. I haven't played it for 2 years now, but I think at least some of these persons remember me . (The clan seems to have a lot of members whom which I played with years ago #note; Snoopy hates me, I don't know why the hell he is in leading position nowadays. I was the person who recruited him into old -]Xc$.^ :<).

Counter Strike: Source, unknown hours played, I consider myself high skilled and I'm trying to build a Lan team with few guys from CB Fin 5on5 Defuse ladder #1 team. Occasionally playing fun matches with them since they're my irl friends. However, I do not consider playing CS:S as an hardcore game, rather a comic relief since I'm more into MMORPG's at the moment having played FPS games from first wolfenstein they tend to feel a bit boring. :<

World of Warcraft, something around 200 days played from the release of Burning Crusade (I started playing WoW rather late) Kalecgos downed on Paladin before inner tensions in the guild and general boredom led to retiring the game. I consider myself highly skilled healer due to keeping up with healing efficiency of better geared paladins, and the rewarding comments of my peers. =)
I had also a hunter on a realm of Stormreaver with which I casually raided Mount Hyjal and played arena, again, I consider myself highly skilled due to keeping up with T5/T6 geared players in dps meter having equipped badge reward crossbow and T4 by myself. Also I enjoyed the chance to make a lot of things in raids due to misdirection, traps etc. I remember being very busy @ MH trash when the slacky warlocks were just spamming shadow bolt. That's one reason why I think I'd be perfect choice for ranged dps, if you find my Marauder application lacking experience, since I have been used to do a lot of things whilst dpsing. Hunter especially excells with this since you have to keep your pet out of harms way, yourself and others.
Then I had Dwarf Shadow Priest which I used to keep as a pvp tool, taking part for raids very casually with this toon, however when I did raid with it I easily kept up with others in full pvp gear, mostly by chugging manapotions from the very start of the encounter which is something everyone should do on any class anyways unless better potion choice is present. In pvp I played with warlock double DPS team which fared quite well (coming up to 2200 rating at best), but since the PvP wasn't really my thing in WoW it was quite casual playing at best after the first night which we spent playing around 200 or so games.
Latest character I played before retiring the game was an undead mage, which I used to casually raid T4/T5 content. I can not say that I was anything special on mage, in my opinion keeping your targets sheeped and avoiding pre-mature death shouldn't be anything special. :<

In Guild Wars I had a Warrior/Monk with perfect gear pre-factions, but A) It is very easy to obtain in GW unless you're completely out of clue. B) I was more than lucky with few rune drops. C) I found the game very bad for my taste. I think I played it only for a month or so, and then found my way to other games since the system totally lacked things which would had made it fun to play in my opinion.

I also bought the Age of Conan collector's edition, but I quickly grew tired with the game after interesting start. It is buggy, it lacks content and I do not find it fun to play. Especially with the Guardian I had, class which is close to unkillable without great effort, but can not hope winning anyone with running keys is not for me. It would had been very different if the PvE content had been playable, but it is not yet.

I have thousands of ladder/normal matches in Dawn of War (original, I dislike the new races), Warcraft 3, C&C Generals and many other RTS games. Generally I play them for fun, but still competitively.

That's pretty much it from online games I have played, of course I have tested various amounts of other online games, but I didn't find it relevant to list all of these games since I do not have anything solid to brag about. If I have found game more or less entertaining and played it more than couple of hours I have usually found myself close to the top players especially in Battlefield series, but I haven't been interested to play clan matches in such game because I do not like the game mechanics. Still I consider guiding TV missiles to moving helicopters and Jets rather fun. :>

About single player games, if I'll list every game I have played beginning from 1993 I think I'd pass out before stopping the writing. First FPS game I ever played was Wolfenstein 3D shareware version, it was a new thing by then and it was awesome game around time I got to test it (as a very young kid. Smile). After that I played such legendary games as Doom I & II, Duke Nukem 3D. Also I've ventured to play dozens of WWII FPS games out of which Hidden & Dangerous 1 should be mentioned at least since I found it fascinating by the time I played it. Other mentionable games would be Serious Sam which was most brainless FPS to the date I've played.

Other mentionable games I've played on computer include Elite 2: Frontier, Tomb Raider series, Commandos series, Caesar 3, Zeus, Civilization series, C&C series, Diablo series, IL-2 Sturmovik, European Air War, Steel Panthers, Paradox Entertainment's historical strategy games, Total war series, ADOM... and many others, but these are games which I'll remember for long after their designers have passed mainly due to their effect on my Childhood. I'd like to especially mention Commandos 1, since it is absolutely great game and I recommend everyone to at least test it out.

4. Past Guilds and if you have held any place of power in a Guild (any proof of this will greatly help)
On a paladin I played in various guilds due to having gotten my first character to 70 only few months after top guilds had started raiding I was unable to find a guild without slackers, unskilled people or total idiots for long, actually I didn't find such a guild at all. Even tho I was able to take Full MH/BT Clearings with Alter Ego (EU-Silvermoon) I can not say that I enjoyed playing with them. I had 2 bags of consumables prepared for every raid, I had every whim of the upcoming fights studied to finest details I was able to find, often making notes between wipes about the encounter to fare better next time. However, most others in the guild weren't dedicated enough for my taste. Being late for raid once with a good reason is acceptable of course (such as suicide bomber destroying your computer), but being late constantly is annoying and unfair towards other players. Especially if the said players are constantly making same mistakes, and not improving their gameplay at all. I believe our Gorefiend farm kills succeeded only if we were lucky with peeps turned in ghosts.

Before Alter Ego I was in a high number of guilds which were even less competent. I want to play with people who are around same level of dedication towards the game, however, in wow I couldn't as I said I started playing it very late and never gained the gear that would be enough to join top guilds. When we killed Kalecgos I was still wearing T4 equivalent gear due to bad luck with drops and the fact that every other Paladin had been longer in the guild which in turn ment that they got the gear first (which is only fair).

In the end I quit the Alter Ego since I understood that even tho we could kill maybe 3 bosses in Sunwell, it would never be possible to kill Kil'jaeden with them. I also didn't want to wait for my shiny Tier 6 armor and then switch guild, because it would be very unfair towards other "hard" working people. Even if I had done that, I wouldn't had gotten into real HC raiding before Wrath of the Lich King anyways due to all decent guilds having killed Kil'jaeden by then and farming around.

At Stormreaver I gathered my friends, and recruited dozens of incompetent players to build up a new raiding guild. Darkest Hour, it turned out very good as we steamrolled Tier 4 content with green/blue geared greenhorns who had never raided before. We killed Void Reaver, after the VR alarm had been disabled (most probably due to my e-rage, I think the beginners fared so well out of fear and not pure skill. =P). The Darkest Hour's tale became to end when I found out that most of players just couldn't keep up with 7 raid days I had assigned, and we had to cancel raids due to lacking people who had promised to be online. I wasn't at that time anymore very interested about the game, and raiding again the content I had seen already. So I disbanded Darkest Hour and quit the game.

That's when I was asked by Walloittaja if I want to play Age of Conan with him (since I was his irl friend) and took part to Dominus Bellorum project, which had Forte and SK Gaming players together in AoC. However, one by one players dropped out with me and Walloittaja included due to Funcom's inability to present us a playable game. No real high level content, low level content was awesome when it worked. However, most of time it didn't work. So I end up here, writing this application to Warhammer online guild which seems to hold same views about gaming.

(to be continued)

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Post  Nazreg on Thu Jul 17 2008, 18:37

5. How you will help Unleashed, both outside and inside guild. I.e. Website help, helping players outside Unleashed etc.
I tend to be helpfull towards other players, I don't have problem to gear up other people's new toons nor helping the beginners to improve their gameplay. This is also true with pro players, if I have different view about how something should be done. I will politely bring out my views, and in case someone hasn't been able to get consumables due to any reason I'm usually having enough to share. I'll rather do a bit extra, than fail the encounter. Apart from that I'll be the comic relief in ventrilo. =P

6. Reasons for joining Unleashed
As I mentioned before, I am hardcore player deep in my heart. If I play the game, I will try to be the best. Nothing less is acceptable. When we started to look for a WAR guild with Walloittaja first step logically was to exclude casual guilds since we both are in to the HC gaming (he played in Forte pre-tbc). After going through few guilds we were very pleased about what we saw in Unleashed, and joined the irc channel. I'm under impression that he had few conversations with guild members (whilst I was called to play CS:S and failed to take part into them. :<). Anyway, after that we decided to make applications for this guild.

7. How long you plan on playing WAR
Well, at this point I don't know. I stopped playing America's Army because it patch 2.4 changed it a lot, and to me the game was ruined. I stopped playing WoW because the PvP is not the main reason to play the game, and I was unable to find suitable PvE guild. I could wait for Wrath of The Lich King, but I find Warhammer Online more interesting due to the world and few details such as different style crafting etc.

In case I can find a suitable guild (such as this one), and the developers do not somehow ruin the game I think I could go on playing it forever. Anyway, unseen things tend to happen, and I can not answer for sure in this question.

8. Access to Ventrilo and a mic?
Using them already daily. Phone bills suck. Razz

9. A personal statement - tell us about yourself (Note that this is a very important part of your application)
Well, I'm a young man from Finland, turning 19 in 3 months. I've been into gaming since I was child as you can see from the experience part. Most often you will find me in front of computer, probably playing some random game (which could be pretty much anything I'm testing out) or chatting in IRC.
When I do something I like I will try to do it in best possible way. For example, I have been designing this application for hours when I could had just rushed with few lines about myself and hope to be accepted. When I'm playing something I'll try to learn about failing, more than often already knowing why I failed before anyone has a chance to say anything. If I consider opponent better player, I'll study what he does. If I make a mistake I won't go on to making up excuse why it happened. I'll just play better on next try.
However, the strange things start to happen if I venture out of computer. Or not, mostly when I'm not at computer I'll be in Bar with couple of friends enjoying my time or more often playing Magic the Gathering, Warhammer Fantasy Battle or some roleplaying game. At the moment I'm one of the top tournament players in WHFB in Finland, and eg. I was in European Team Championships 2006 representing Finland, we finished 8th due to penalty for being late. Without that we would had been 6th. This fall we are planning to take part in UK Grand Tournament with Walloittaja, and winning is only goal. As always.
As a person, I like to about horror movies, Black metal and such a little darker things, but I'm still easy going and social with help of some good whiskey (you do not want to taste Finnish Beer). However, I have skipped bar evenings with friends before due to having a raid, or some (more or less) important match. I dislike most sports, apart from Football World Championships since I'm die hard Italy fan. I think I actually cried when Italy Finally won -06.

The feel of winning is awesome, it's my drug and I play only for it.

10. Have you pre-ordered the WAR CE and will you be playing in the 'Open Beta' with us?
I haven't pre-ordered the CE yet, but I'm planning to do so if it's still possible when I get some money. Also, If it's possible I'll try out open Beta with you.

11. Computer specs and Internet connection
Asus G1S Laptop at the moment, but this is subject to change when I get my first salary. Since this one is getting a bit old. I also have access to my father's computer which is pretty much a powerhouse at the moment, but I'll rather use my own.

2mb internet connection, which is more than enough to play any game. Bit slow for downloading things tho. :<

12. How to get in contact with you, preferably MSN sunny @ MSN, Nauz @ irc (qnet), if the matter is urgent and I can not be found online on any of those contacting Walloittaja and asking him to phone me will be fastest way to reach me.

Best Regards

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Post  Firefly on Thu Jul 17 2008, 19:33

Thank you for looking into Unleashed

We will be with you ASAP

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Guild Leader

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