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Post  Walloittaja on Thu Jul 17 2008, 17:30

Hello everyone,

I'll save you all from long briefing part and rather include everything in the actual application, as it will cover basicly everything I'd be babling about here in the beginning. Wink
So, let's get started with the real thing:

1. Character Information

I've been considering various options regarding the classes lately. I gave most of the classes on both factions a thought and it wasn't too hard for me to cut the options to a few ones. The classes I were most interested about where the Sorceress, Chosen, Magus and the two other Dark Elves (Witch Elf & Disciple). After considering those, I came to a conclusion that I'd most likely like playing the Chosen at start, but probably in the end I still want to play a caster class. You know, once you start blasting those spells around you just don't want to pick up that rusty axe of yours, do you? So, then I were down to two choices basicly: Sorceress & Magus. Between those two it became bit harder, but I think the Sorceress would be the better choice for me. Why? I think while Magus is for sure a cool class aswell, it reminds me of my Warlock a bit too much. So I think Sorceress might be a bit different kind of caster and still be a class I'd really enjoy playing. So my choice for the class and race, for now, is Dark Elf Sorceress. Ofcourse, should there be need, I am willing to consider rolling some other class, would that be required/adviced.

2. Playing Hours

Currently I am playing a variety of games every day. Now as I am not playing WoW anymore it leaves me many hours to spend on other games every day. I play few hours (1-5) of Call of Duty 4 on daily basis. I also have played some single player games through now as there is no major MMO to play for me. I do also play Dota and normal Warcraft 3 ever now and then. But mostly I do just play CoD4 atm, while waiting for WAR. When the opening of WAR comes, I'll be for sure spending alot of time on it, mostly dropping other activites (including other games) to dedicate myself completely for it. So you can expect to see me online alot, and I mean it. I'm usually consumed by the particular MMO when I start playing one, playing it easily over 10h every day.

3. Past Gaming Experience

I've been playing many games from different genres as most of you probably have. I'll give you short list of the games I've been playing lately, including the ones I see you'd probably consider important in some way.

Diablo 2: I played D2 mostly around the release of patch 1.10, got interested in it bit before the patch and then started to play it for real after the release of 1.10. I did manage to get my Hammerdin to level 98 (somewhat 60% done towards 99) and, not so surprisingly, the Pally had basicly the best gear you could get back those days (most of the runewords being perfect etc). But then the game just boring for me, it's been a while so I really dont remember too much about the reasons why I finally stopped playing it completely Very Happy

Counter-strike: Oh man, that's a game I used to love. I 1st tryed it out during like 3rd beta stage or something like that, but started playing it more during the version 1.3 . I mostly played during 1.3, 1.5 and 1.6. Back then the game had huge amount of players here in Finland and I toke part in various LAN-events with the clans I played with. I did only play in Finnish clans for obvious reasons, so they might be bit unknown to residents of other countries, but I'll list a few that did rise to some fame atleast here in Finland.,, Miami & Florida CS Crew, Crystal Team and not to forget the Warchiefs. I'm not sure if there is alot of documentation left about those clans, since it has been a while, but you might be able to find something from clanbase, since every of those clans have been on the 1st page (ie. in top40) of various Finnish CS ladders.

Warcraft 3: Here's a game you just must love! I used to play alot of ladder matches before the launch of TFT, after TFT I focused more on Dota. Although I played the game quite alot and I were atleast decent in it, I kept it more on "casual" level and played in a clan that consisted mostly of friends I've met in the No any major achievements on the Warcraft 3 part of my gaming history, expect for the huge amount of games played of normal WC3 and Dota. Wink

Call of Duty: I used to play CoD2 a bit, occasionally joining random public servers for some shooting, but nothing major. But when the CoD4 hit the markets, I picked up my rifle (Scorpion tbh) and since the release I've been playing it every week if not every day. I'm currently in European CoD4 clan Extreme Freedom UK ( that has proven succesful in the as we did finish #2 in the 1st division during the last season. We also did participate in the Clanbase's OpenCup during this spring, but we did drop out during playoffs due to a conflict over some server settings, retarded stuff I tell you. I really like CoD4 atm and I think I'll be playing it every now and then until some better FPS game comes out, but for now it seems to be the best FPS game to spend time with.

World of Warcraft: I started playing WoW during the beta and when retail came out I started playing it on the day one (surprisingly!). I continued with the same class I had played in beta; Warlock. For a while I played in a Finnish guild (Vaskitaivahat, later to be known as Kaamos) consisting of irl friends. Lucky for me, we were on the Daggerspine(EU) server. Since when I realized that the guild was really going nowhere and it really didn't have potential to be a real "high-end" guild, I had to consider other options. I had discussed that matter with a friend of mine, Crybet, who was the warlock officer in Forte ( then, I decided to take the chance and left the Finnish guild to join Forte. That choice was for sure the most important choice I ever made in my WoW-career. It was during BWL I joined Forte and since that I played with them throught the BWL, AQ40 and finally Naxxramas. We did indeed prove quite succesful in all of those instances as some of you might know, slaugthering dozen of bosses as a world/eu 1st guild. But when TBC came out, my interest in WoW started to fade. I leveled to 70 in few days, we raided Karazhan, Gruul and Magtheridon and after that I decided to leave that game behind me. Still staying in the guild, but just occasionally logging in for some PvP or some alt raids and stuff. I don't completely know what killed the game for me, probably that the new content didn't feel like the same anymore. Especially when we did have alot of new people in the guild after some of us left the guild to create their own one (Vortex). And no, I don't mean there were anything wrong with the new guys, most of them were talented players and nice guys. But after playing through nearly everything WoW had to offer before TBC with the same people and then some of them being "replaced" by completely new guys.. It just wasn't the same anymore.

About the PvP-aspect of WoW: I were completely devoted to PvE, but I didn't dislike PvP either. I did do the honour farming until rank11 to get the Black War Tiger for my Human Lock (I have alot of Tigers on him!) and enjoyed doing the AB's, AV's and WSG's with the same guys over and over again. We had really great time PvPing back then and man it was fun! It was so relaxing to go do some battlegrounds after raids and so on. The same we did with Naxxramas, expect instead of doing PvP; we first raided for 5-7h and then went to play Dota till the morning. Since release till the TBC WoW really was the thing for me, I played it all the time with zealous inspiration to get those damn bosses down. I do still remember The Four Horsemen back in Naxx, having the wipe counter running in something between two and three hundred when we finally slayed them, the geek screams on vent and the spam in chat.. It was priceless. Same happened with alot of bosses, but that one time was special in some way.

Age of Conan:
AoC was so promising and it felt so good at start. But it wasn't long until it ran out content and started feeling bleak and unfinished. If only they had polished it more, adding way more content, fixing various bugs.. In other words; finishing it before the launch, I belive, it would have been really awsome. Now it was only a moderate experience, instead of the huge success it might have been. Just before the launch I got into contact with Tohrazer from SK-gaming that had a guild up for Conan and joined that guild with some of my friends and guildies from Forte. I were an officer in the guild for the time I spent with the game, which sadly, wasn't too long. I feel a bit sorry for Funcom, since I can see the huge potential in the game, but releasing it as it was just failed to deliver that potential. The combat, system being refreshingly new, is nice for PvE, but combo-system didn't work too good in PvP, since you could just jump around the guy trying to get off some nasty combo making it unable to do anything but spam normal attacks and instant abilities basicly.

There are of course countless other games from various genres (Smaller MMO's, FPS'es, RTS'es) I've been playing for shorter whiles with different level of commitment depending on the game. One of I'd like to note is Dawn of War, which was really nice (and still is ok) when it came out, especially combined with the Pro-mod that was made for it.

4. Past Guilds

As I mentioned earlier, I started playing WoW in a Finnish guild, Vaskitaivahat, which consisted of friends and were more about having fun than being hardcore or actual high-end raiding guild. Later we merged with another Finnish guild from same server, which was also formed on irl friend group. The two guilds shared some common friends and that was the thing that brought the two guilds together. No major achivements during my time in that guild, I did do some minor raid leading and making tac's etc.

After realizing the fact that I'll never be able to accomplish anything major in the Finnish guild, I toke my leave and joined Forte. I passed my trial period quickly and soon enough i were promoted to Veteran (the highest rank before officers). I enjoyed that spot for long and I were once offered the warlock officer spot by the current guild leader back then; Frank. But I did turn down the offer, thinking I could help the guild more without being an officer, and I knew there was another warlock who would enjoy the spot far more. Forte was by far the best guild in skill and community wise. We had really great players in the guild, but they were great persons aswell. And we did really have a lot of fun during raids, between raids and all the time!

In Age of Conan I were an Officer in the guild Dominus Bellorum (Lords Of War) (, lead by Tohrazer from SK-gaming. But due to the reasons, I explained early, I didn't stay too long Hybordia. So no big achivements to notice from this part. The guild was nice though, having some of my own friends and then completely new people made it a nice mix of old and new. The new guys I did meet were nice and friendly and I formed friendships with many of them and it was real a pleasure to play the game with them, even though the game itself, sadly, wasn't that pleasing.

5. How you will help Unleashed?

However I can. I'm not a wizard of programming or site making, even I do know some basics. I think I'll be able to help guild members aswell as other people, forming new relationships and making new friends from other guilds aswell. Im quite diplomatic guy and I do make friends relatively easily. So I think I'd be helpful in making up the name for the guild among other players, by helping them should they need something I could easily aid them with. Of course, the guild will always be the number one for me, but I do enjoy discussing and occasionally playing with people outside from the guild. I do also know fairly big amount of gamers from WoW and other games, so that might turn out to be helpful aswell, since as everyone knows, it's always good to have alot of people you know.

6. Reasons for joining Unleashed

Since quitting WoW, I've been looking for some new MMO to play. Even I've been playing many games during the last few years, it's always the MMO's that I really get hooked into. And now, as AoC wasn't what I were looking for, I did turn my eyes into WAR. I did a bit of background work, surfing the net, checking irc etc to find some "proper" guild for WAR. I read through some guild's pages, but they didn't seem too promising. When I came to Unleashed's site, I thought I've head the name before somewhere and continued on reading. Finding out that UL would really be a hardcore, high-end guild with alot of talented players. After having a chat with Oltharion and Firefly I really became confident about your commitment to gaming and that you actually would be a guild I'd like to be a part of. Since you don't seem like typical "elitist pricks", which should really help in WAR, because it'll most likely be everything but a solo game. Seeing that you already have put a big amount of work to form the guild, establising relationships to other guilds and being known through-out the community, I think there is no better option then to try to join you. Having highly organisated, yet friendly and "warm", guild at this point is admirable, and I do really want to become part of this whole organisation.

7. How long you plan on playing WAR

Tough question. I don't plan to quit a game once I start playing it. I'll just keep playing and playing, until the game dies or something. I mean, I don't see any reason why I'd be quitting it in near future, atleast when it hasn't even started yet. So expect me to hang around for quite a while.

Continues in the next post due to the limit of post lenght.. -->


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Post  Walloittaja on Thu Jul 17 2008, 17:30

Continuing from the first post:

8. Access to Ventrilo and a mic?

Yes, I do have a quality headset with a good mic (Sennheiser PC161). I'm usually quite talkative once I get to know the guys I'm talking with. But I also know when to shut up and listen, instead of whining about some nonsense all the time.

9. A personal statement

I am a 19 and I do live in the capital city of Finland, Helsinki with my girlfriend. I were working in a game store for six months or so during last winter/spring, since I've always been a gamer to the boot, it really was a job I did enjoy alot. Being able to talk with people about subjects that I'm interested by myself aswell, helping people to find the game they want, even if they don't know what to buy when they walk in to the store. Sadly I had to quit after moving to Helsinki, since the travelling would have been too expensive with the car I had back then (with gasoline costing like 1,6e/l, driving a 5.0l v12 BMW wasn't too cheap I tell you!).

Apart for computer gaming my hobbies and points of interest mostly involve gaming. I've been playing tabletop Warhammer for quite a while, I started FB at the end of 5th edition and 40k at the start of 3rd edition or so. Out of those two, I've always enjoyed FB more and proven quite succesful playing it here in Finland. I've won bunch of tournaments, and basicly always finishing in top10, should I not win the event. And I'm probably heading to UK to participate in the Grand Tournament this year.
In addition to Warhammer, I do play MTG quite alot on tournament level aswell, but it's more minor for me. I used to be top player in it aswell, but then I had a long break from playing MTG so now a days I just play it more casually, participating in tournaments every now and then and occasionally succeeding in them and sometimes even taking the 1st price with me. To continue with the games, I do enjoy roleplaying and many of my friends are into RPing aswell. Roleplaying as in the good ol' pen-and-paper, not cybering in WoW or smth! And finally, I do player poker aswell in both, internet and live. Not being professional player but a far better than average, winning few hundred's sometimes, but not enough to live with the moneys I get out from it (yet).

Gladly my GF plays Warhammer, MTG and RP's aswell, so we do have alot of common friends from those hobbies aswell as alot of common activites. And yes, I did teach her to play both Warhammer and MTG, but about she has been into roleplaying and larping for way longer then I've.

So as you can see, I am most of the time playing some kind of game. Or even better: selling games to people to make them play too! I would describe myself as hardcore gamer in many aspects, but aswell a pretty open-minded and diplomatic person. I can easily co-operate with various kinds of people and I enjoy meeting new people and chatting with them.

10. Have you pre-ordered the WAR CE?

Yes, I'll be getting the CE and I'll also get the beta key at this saturday (19.7) and I'm looking forward to play the beta with you once it starts.

11. Computer specs and Internet connection

I've just updated my rig to the following:
CPU: Intel Q9450 quad-core, each of the cores are running at 3040mhz atm
GFX: GeForce 9800GX2
Ram: 4gb of Corsairs Dominator
MB: Asus P5E
HDD: 10k rpm disc for OS and the main game(s).
Keyboard: Logitech G15 vol 2 (just switched to this from my old vol 1 G15)
Mouse: Razer Lachesis (Good ol' mx518 broke up, so decided to gave Razer's product a shot, and this mouse rocks!)

As for my connection, I currently have a 10/1mb cable, which will most likely be updated to 100mb during the fall. And as for back up, I've some crappy 1mb wireless connection for my GF's laptop, which I can snatch to my us if the cable would die for some reason. Although it has never crashed during the 3 months I've been living here.

For those interested more in the subject I'd gladly chat with you about it. I mean, about the components, mouses, keyboards, mointors just in general.

12. How to get in contact with me

By what ever means you want to. As you already know, I'm hanging around on your irc channel aswell. My msn address, which atleast Oltharion should already have, is:


Feel free to ask any questions you'd like or just post some random stuff if you feel like it Smile
Hope to see you all around in irc and here on the forums!



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Post  Firefly on Thu Jul 17 2008, 17:40

Thank you for looking into Unleashed

We will get back to you asap

Application of Walloittaja Addeb8

Application of Walloittaja Unleasheddd6
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Post  Gromit83 on Thu Jul 17 2008, 18:07

Nice application mate, good luck and hope to see lot´s of you on irc!

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